Best Budget 3D Printers

Are you looking for the best budget 3D printer? 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular in classrooms and educational settings. It’s a great way to engage students with hands-on learning while teaching them valuable problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

However, finding the right 3D printer can be tricky – especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why we’ve researched for you! We have compiled a list of the best budget 3D printers perfect for any classroom setting.

From entry-level models to more advanced options, there is something here for everyone. Keep reading to discover what is the best budget 3D printer – and start introducing your students to the exciting world of 3D printing!

IMAGIN3D JUNIOR- 3D Printer Package

The IMAGIN3D JUNIOR 3D Printer Package is a fantastic option for schools looking to introduce 3D printing into their classrooms. The hardware comes with STEM 3D software, which is included and helps you jump into 3D printing without extensive prep time.

This package comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • The 3D supply kit contains two rolls of PLA filament (and a full rainbow of further color options are available when you need them).
  • 3D printer maintenance kit to keep the printer running smoothly
  • The product is covered by a warranty for two years, during which time it will either be repaired or replaced if necessary.
  • Professional development and training resources that will assist you in maximizing the benefits of your 3D printer.

This 3D printer is perfect for classrooms. It’s easy to use, and the software simplifies integrating 3D printing into your curriculum. The IMAGIN3D JUNIOR 3D Printer Package is a great option for educators looking to introduce their students to the exciting world of 3D printing.

IMAGIN3D – 3D Printer Package

Imagin3D Mini

Another excellent product from AGC Education is the IMAGIN3D 3D Printer Package. This package offers a powerful, professional-grade 3D printer with integrated software that educators can use. The software has been designed for easy use and has advanced features that will help you create intricate prints.

The following are the features of this printer package:

  • The 3D software for STEM comes with editable template libraries specific to education.
  • The maintenance kit for 3D printers also includes a supply kit consisting of 2 rolls of PLA filament.
  • The printer comes with a 2-year warranty that covers either repairs or replacement, as needed.
  • The printer has a maximum printing area of 12 inches by 12 inches and can print objects up to 18 inches tall.

Just like with the IMAGIN3D JUNIOR, we offer ongoing support and access to professional development and training materials. This is perfect, as it will allow teachers to maximize their use of the 3D printer. If you’re looking for a powerful, professional-grade 3D printer that is easy to use, the IMAGIN3D 3D Printer Package is an excellent choice.

XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini

This 3D printer is an excellent option for beginners. It’s easy to use and understand, so even younger students can use it with minimal guidance. The XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini is a reasonably-priced 3D printer that is simple to install and operate.

The da Vinci Mini is a printer that has black trim and is colored a bright pumpkin orange. It measures 14.2 by 15.4 by 13.2 inches and weighs 24.3 pounds. The extruder nozzle is located behind the assembly and is difficult to access. This location protects against accidental burns, despite the open frame design.

Here are the other features of the da Vinci Mini:

  • Before each print, the print bed is automatically leveled.
  • It uses “smart cartridges” that detect when the filament is running low and requires replacement.
  • To download the software, you must create an account protected by a password on the XYZprinting website.
  • This device can produce prints either through a USB or Wi-Fi connection

Toybox 3D Printer

The Toybox 3D Printer is an affordable and easy-to-use device designed for children, making it an attractive choice in elementary education. This printer lets you easily print basic items from your iOS or Android device or a web browser with one touch. The software offers over 2,000 printable objects or projects to choose from and allows you to import 3D files created outside of the program.

The following are the features of the Toybox 3D Printer:

  • The type of 3D printing technology used is called Fused Filament Fabrication
  • The maximum build area is 3.5 inches in length, 3.1 inches in width, and 2.8 inches in height
  • The weight of the 3D printer is 6.6 pounds
  • The warranty for both parts and labor is valid for one year

The build area of this 3D printer is small, and it may not be suitable for importing 3D files that were created on another platform. If you’re looking for a 3D printer with a larger build area and more features, this may not be the right choice for your classroom.

Anycubic Vyper

The Anycubic Vyper is a budget-friendly 3D printer designed for beginners. It features an open-frame design with the print bed located at the front. This makes it easy to access and provides a clear view of the prints as they are being created. The printer can create bigger prints and has automatic bed leveling support.

The Anycubic Vyper has the following features:

  • It uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing technology
  • The dimensions of the printer are 20.3 inches in height, 20 inches in width, and 18 inches in depth.
  • You can use the Cura software to create prints, which can then be transferred either via an SD card or printed directly through a USB connection.
  • Anycubic offers a range of filament materials such as PLA, ABS, TPU, and PETG, all of which are compatible with the Vyper.

The printer comes with a small starter filament coil. To use Cura software with the Vyper, you need to make a few changes to the settings. It is important to be aware of this before purchasing.

Monoprice Mini Delta V2 3D Printer

The Monoprice Mini Delta V2 3D Printer is a great budget option for classrooms. It’s an easy-to-use printer that prints detailed models in a wide variety of materials. The printer is equipped with an adaptive touch screen and advanced auto-leveling feature. Additionally, it operates quietly so that it won’t disrupt the learning environment.

The Monoprice Mini Delta V2 includes the following features:

  • This printer can print in one color and has one extruder
  • The device has an LCD screen and primary interfaces, including a microSD card, USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi.
  • The V2 printer is colored matte-black and has a strong steel and anodized aluminum frame.
  • It is 17.5 inches in height, 11.8 inches in width, and 11 inches in depth.
  • The printer can print objects with dimensions up to 4.7 inches in height, 4.3 inches in width, and 4.3 inches in depth.
  • The package contains a small polylactic acid (PLA) filament starter coil along with the V2

The printer has a one-year warranty and offers fast almost error-free printing. It is great for beginners, making it easy to assemble and use.

Find the Right 3D Printer for Your School

No matter your budget or 3D printing needs, AGC Education has the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s our IMAGIN3D JUNIOR- 3D Printer Package with its STEM software; or the more powerful, professional grade IMAGIN3D- 3D Printer Package that prints objects up to 18 inches tall, we have something for everyone!

All of these products come with great warranties and access to ongoing support, making them ideal solutions for educators looking to introduce their students to the world of 3D printing. With all these options available, what are you waiting for? Let us help you find the best option today! Contact us today, and we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect 3D printer package for your needs!