IMAGIN3D – 3D Printer Package

Bring cutting-edge technology into your classroom with the IMAGIN3D Printer Package, the only open-sourced 3D printer package specifically designed for schools.

The IMAGIN3D features a large printing platform (12”x12”18” tall), capable of creating chemistry models, topographical maps, or miniature versions of famous structures. Its volcano extruder allows teachers and students to use a number of different filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, FLex etc.

When you buy the IMAGIN3D printer you get a lot more than just a professional-grade printer. You also get STEM 3D, a teacher resource kit created to make it easier for you to use the printer with your students, no matter the subject you are teaching.

Start printing in class today.

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Package Includes:

  • – 3D design and editing software
    – STEM 3D software
    – 3D supply kit which includes 5 rolls of PLA filament
    – Canon provided Basic Business Health and Safety Templates
    – Education Specific Health and Safety Templates ( designed for CDC and ADA compliance schools)
    – Editable Education Specific Template Libraries (over 1500 templates)
    – 3D printer maintenance Kit
    – One year on site maintenance warranty
    – 2 year “repair or replace” warranty coverage
    – Access to our ongoing support
    – Professional development and training materials

The Imagin3D is available in the “standard” or “mini” size options. Contact us for more information.