3D Printer Maintenance Kit


Keep your 3D printer working at full capacity with this 3D printer maintenance kit featuring the most important 3D printer maintenance tools and supplies.

The number one rule of 3D printer maintenance and use is to keep your extruder and print nozzle clean. This will prevent the filament feeding wrong and sticking to the bed, leading to better-quality prints.

Make sure your 3D printer is working at full-speed by maintaining it using the following tools included in this maintenance kits:

  • Printer nozzle wrenches (different sizes)
  • Extruder wrenches (different sizes)
  • Nozzle cleaning wires (different sizes and shapes)
  • Nozzle cleaning brush
  • Filament scraping tools (different sizes)
  • 3D needle nose tweezers
  • Tool pouch for storage
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