Frequently Asked Questions

See the list of faqs below. In addition, if you would like to learn more call us! Our number is +1 (800) 535-7553.

Do you offer On-Site service and training?

AGC Education offers on-site service and training options to all of our partners.

Do you offer tech support?

Yes, AGC Education offers lifetime technical support on all our tools. What truly sets us apart at AGC Education is our Technology Implementation Success Team. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your school’s fullest potential!

Do you sell new or refurbished equipment?

AGC Education only offers the latest technology offered by our manufactures.
All of our products are brand new.

How quickly can I receive supplies I’ve ordered?

AGC Education will process your order and ship the same day in most cases. Most products are in stock and ready for shipping. Orders received after 3PM EST will ship the next business day. The average UPS time in transit is 1 – 5 Days.

What is the procedure if I need help?

If you are having problems, the first thing you should do is call AGC Education at 800-535-7553.
90% of service related calls are fixed over the phone for FREE.
If it is determined that you need on-site service, we will provide you with the options that best meet your needs. This could include, on-site service by hour, flat rate on-site service (aka, Guarantee Fix etc.)

What does the warranty cover?

The manufactures 1 Year On-site warranty covers parts and labor and on some products covers product replacement. (ex: Imagin3D Printers)

How does your training work?

AGC Education offers basic user training on all of our tools at no charge.
AGC Education offers on-site training options based on your schools location.
Our training program for the education market, is a government sanctioned training program designed for and approved by the US Navy for training sailors across the country. This program has been modified to train over 5000 educators across the country. This program includes the use of technology such as, web meeting services, VR, Phone and more. The training objective is to have the end user comfortable with the tool and have an understanding on how that tool can impact visual learning, help make teachers jobs easier, and be integrated into the curriculum.

What is the “Technology Implementation Success Program” ?

Our Technology Implementation Success enrollment program is a customized support program. This program has a designated team that is dedicated to helping our school partners integrate their technology to address a wide variety of always changing needs. This teams job is to help each of our school partners maximize their investment. This is a one time purchase for life and covers ALL products purchased from AGC Education. (ex: Poster Printer, 3D Printers, Sublimation Printers, Cut-Out Systems etc.)

What manufacturer of printer is included in the Educator Plus package ?

AGC Education offers both Canon and Epson printers in the Educator Plus package.
Based on your specific needs, AGC Education will recommend the system that will perform best in your environment for many years.

What is the Educator Plus poster printer content?

The Educator Plus content includes a wide variety of resources and products that help simplify the large format printing process.

This content includes but is not limited to:
• Easy to use design software
• Editable Education Templates
• Editable and Printable STEM Activities
• Specialty Media Profiles that open the capabilities of the printer
• Implementation Support Enrollment Program
• Project design and idea assistance
• Access to specialty programs such as “Stress Free For Three” and “AGC Prime”
Much More!

Is the Educator Plus package Sole Source?

The Educator Plus content is only available from AGC Education and therefore is recognized by many school districts as Sole Source.

The Canon and Epson printers included in our package are NOT Sole Source and can be purchased from other resellers without the education specific content provided by AGC.

What is the Cut-Out Studio?

The Cut-Out Studio is a 27″ Vinyl cutter. AGC Education has integrated this cutter with specific software that allows you to print full color graphics on your poster printer and then have those graphics contour cut out. This is great for decals, window clings, floor graphics, bulletin board displays even T-shirt transfers and magnets.

What is the IMAGINE LAB?

The “IMAGINE Lab” is AGC Educations take on a “Maker Space”. This is a collection of all AGC Educations tools. (ex: Poster Printer, Cut-Out System, 3D Printer, Sublimation Station, Heat Press and Lasor Engravers.) The IMAGINE Lab can be customized to fit your needs.

Does the IMAGIN3D Printer use filament types other than PLA?

The IMAGIN3D and IMAGIN3D Junior printers can print using PLA, ABS, Wood, PETG, Nylon, FLEX and many other filament types.

What is STEM3D?

STEM 3D is a collection of STEM 3D printer activities. Included in STEM 3D are student activities sheets, collaboration visuals, teacher guides and lesson starters, editable 3D printable objects that match the lesson plan, vocabulary posters and much more. STEM 3D was designed to help teachers feel comfortable integrating 3D printing into their curriculum no matter the subject or grade level.

What is STEMvelope?

STEMvelope is a collection of printable and editable STEM activities that can be printed on your poster printer or printed on 8.5″ x 11″ for use as remote learning activities to do at home. STEMvelope lessons include teachers guides, Student Activity pages, Collaboration classroom posters, Test and share classroom posters and much more. STEMvelope can be edited for any grade level. You can even use the Envelope template to print a large envelope to hold the students or groups worksheets.

What can I produce with the Educator Plus poster printer?

The Educator Plus content includes proprietary media profiles and template libraries that allow you to produce a wide variety of specialty applications, in addition to posters and banners.
These applications include:
• T-Shirts and other fabric transfers
• Magnets
• Window Clings and View Through Film prints
• Wall and Floor adhesive backed decals and graphics
• Award Plaques
• Cut-Outs and Manipulatives
• Pennants and stage backdrops
• And Much More

How does Sublimation Station work?

The Sublimation station prints using a special sublimation ink. This ink is printed onto a special paper that when heated releases the ink in a gas form, transferring it to the item it is pressed against. (ex: Mug, Hat, Plaque, T-Shirt, etc.)

Can the Sublimation Station print onto anything?

The Sublimation Station ink is designed to transfer to 100% Polyester or a 50/50 Blend of fabric. When transferring to ceramic, metal or plastic, the material needs to have a special coating that allows the ink to attach to it. If you can think of it, we most likely have the item ready for sublimation printing available.