3D Printer Enclosure

This 3D printer enclosure is the perfect addition to any 3D printer, providing essential safety and control during the printing process. Its dimensions, 27.55″ x 29.52″ x 35.43″, are tailor-made for the Imagin3D printer and Imagin3D Jr. models, ensuring a precise fit.

With a fireproof design, it adds an extra layer of security, keeping potential hazards at bay. Zip the front door closed to create a completely sealed and safe environment, preventing any potential mishaps while ensuring optimal printing conditions. Invest in this enclosure for peace of mind and elevated 3D printing experience.


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Package Includes:

  • Tabletop 3D printer enclosure

The Imagin3D Printer is NOT Included

Elevate your 3D printing experience with our dedicated enclosure, perfectly fitted for Imagin3D and Imagin3D Jr. models. Precision meets safety in this meticulously crafted addition, offering enhanced control throughout the printing process. The fireproof design sets a new standard for security, ensuring a worry-free environment for your creative projects. Sealing the enclosure effortlessly creates an enclosed space that not only prevents potential hazards but also fosters optimal printing conditions. Invest in this innovative 3D printer enclosure for a seamless blend of safety, precision, and control in every print.