Banner End Tabs


Fortify your banners while  boosting their visual appeal using Banners Up Banner End Tabs.

These small tabs that fit over the corner of your banner and provide a reinforced hole for a rope to be used, much the same as traditional grommets. The main difference with Banner Ups is that you do not need any special tools. No sewing, welding, threading, or hemming.

So long as the whole is punched in the material, which you can do with a Banner Hole Punch, you can attach your Banners Up tabs by folding them over the corner. The adhesive on the tab provides a strong grip that will strengthen your banner while it’s hanging using Banner Rope.

Available in white and clear, see-through, for those who want to keep the colors of their banner, these tabs work inside and out and can be attached to virtually any material.

Save time and money on your banners by finishing them yourself using Banners Up banner end tabs.

Adhesive grommet banner end tabs for reinforcing banner corners when hanging.