STEMvelope — Printable STEM Activities

Engage your students with hands-on learning using the printable STEM activities with STEMvelope.

Designed for grades 1-6, these activities are easily adjustable and customizable to be appropriate for the age you’re teaching. This also means you can keep using them year after year without sacrificing the freshness of the material. You can edit it to make it relevant to your current class.

These activities are designed to go along with the 5 Step Teaching method balancing class participation and individualized hands-on learning and place an emphasis on being interactive and collaborative.

The entire package includes:

  • 3 Units of STEM activities (2 for 1st/2nd grade, 2 for 3rd/4th grade, and 2 for 5th and 6th grade)
  • Teachers lessons and lesson starters
  • Collaboration visual poster templates (printable)
  • Classroom visual aids (printable)
  • Student activities pages (printable)
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