How 3D Printing is Being Used in Education

Are you searching for a creative way to keep your students engaged with your lessons? Do you want to give them a reason to learn without feeling forced? Then, consider using 3d printing in education. Even though 3D printing is primarily known as a device that hobbyists utilize, it’s now a great addition to schools.

You may wonder, “why is 3d printing important in education?”. The only answer to this is educators use it as the easiest way to grab their students’ attention. It also encourages active participation in the classroom. That’s why if you’re looking for the different uses of 3d printing in education, now’s the right time to find out!

How Can 3D Printing be Used for Educational Purposes?

3D printing in education has become very popular in numerous schools across the globe. It doesn’t simply print with ink on paper. Instead, it creates another object using substantive materials. Examples of these materials are:

  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Plastic

Fortunately, 3D printers have become more affordable to accommodate the growing school demand. But why is 3d printing important in education? With technology becoming a primary focus in classrooms, it’s a fun way to hone your student’s imagination as they learn different subjects, such as engineering, chemistry, math, biology, and so much more creatively.

Benefits of Using 3D Printers in Classrooms

3D printing has revolutionized different industries. And now it’s transforming education too: schools, universities, and other educational institutions are beginning to explore how 3D printing can benefit learning in different subjects and curricula. To understand how it can contribute to students’ learning, here are the benefits of 3d printing in education.

Honing the Skills of Future Creators

Students are inherently creative. They find ways to create something from scratch. But adding 3D printing to your lessons can amplify this creativity. It will give them more courage to become inventors and create a unique object or design that they have made with the help of a 3D printer.

And if you provide them with the right resources, they can act on their hidden talents. They can make their ideas come to life, and it’s all thanks to 3D printing.

Keeps Excitement in the Classroom

The more interesting and engaging lessons are, the more the students are interested in learning. If a learner gets bored easily, a 3D printer is ideal for keeping their minds active and engaged.

Apart from that, students get to understand how the process goes – from the concept stage to the creation of the concept. They can know how the idea works as they work on the project with a 3D printer as the primary device.

A Better Hands-On Experience

Another reason students find school dull is that most subjects are taught through lecturing and reading. But with the help of a 3D printer, students get to experience how it is to create something from scratch. They experience hands-on activities, which will keep them excited and enamored.

They feel empowered as they see their designs come to life in front of their eyes. This fosters creativity and encourages them to become innovative when tackling an experimental subject. They will be able to make their visions come to life as they get to touch them with their own hands.

Promoting Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is an obstacle that many students experience every day. But with the help of a 3D printer, they can learn how to make it work, troubleshoot it, and find ways to create an object they want to hold. It pushes them to solve problems and find ways.

With students finding a solution to their 3D printing problems, they can hone their problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it encourages them to persist and endure the issues they face while finishing or starting a project.

Uses of 3D Printers in Schools

As for the primary uses of 3d printing in education, it depends on the subject and curriculum on how teachers will introduce it to your classroom. But some of the most common uses are as follows:

Support History Students

History students who want a better understanding of an artifact they’re currently studying can benefit from using a 3D printer. They can quickly create a prototype of an artifact they want to examine. It will also allow them to freely explore their subject without seeing the real thing live, especially if it’s impossible.

Create Maps for Students Invested in Geography

Some students are interested in learning more about the planet’s geography or a particular place – and more than a map is needed to fuel their knowledge. It’s better if they have the exact dimensions they can see and feel for a better perspective. That’s why 3D printers exist to create demographic, topography, or population maps that give them a better understanding of what they’re studying.

Make Math & Science Easier

Math and science students can also benefit from the help of a 3D printer. There are some instances where these students will need the perfect object to hold, especially when it comes to their experiments or the problems they need to solve. It’s all about using this tool to support where these students are having trouble understanding.

Students Who Like to Design Can Print 3D Versions of their Artwork

As already mentioned, students who dabble with 3D printers get to hone their skills when it comes to creativity. They become inventors, especially if given the right tools and support. And one of these tools is a 3D printer. So if your student is showing signs of being a creative graphic designer, let them shine by allowing them to use the printer to create a real-live version of the art they’re trying to make.

Feeding Your Student’s Creativity with the Help of a 3D Printer

The best way to support your students is by giving them solutions they can use to their advantage. And one of these solutions is a simple 3D printer that can change the course of their paths as students for the better.

Furthermore, it makes it easier for you as an educator or teacher to show what they need to do to achieve their goals. They can test their ideas with a simple machine to enhance their learning.

3D Prints

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