Cool Laser Engraving Ideas for Your Classroom

Laser engraving has become an excellent option for teachers and educators to teach students how to become more creative. A laser engraver is a new tool that many schools are slowly trying to adapt in their classrooms for a better learning experience. Just like 3D printing, there are so many laser engraving ideas you can try out for your students to enjoy.

Let’s explore cool designs for laser engraving that will transform your classroom into a vibrant learning environment suitable for all ages. From engraved wood boards to customized stone tiles, we have plenty of options to bring inspiration and motivation to any space. Read on as we discuss some of our top picks for best laser engraving designs!

white laser engraver machine

What is a Laser Engraver?

Laser engravers are primarily used in manufacturing to improve traceability and product identification. However, schools are opting to use laser technology for many projects, such as wood laser engraving ideas.

And with the many uses and purposes a laser engraver can provide to educators and teachers, schools are starting to catch on and add it to their curriculum. The best part is it hones the creativity and imagination of students, primarily those in middle school.

But if it’s your first time using a laser engraver in your classroom, it can be challenging to introduce it. To give you an idea, you should come up with some cool laser engraving ideas for the students to get excited about.

Some Laser Engraving Ideas to Try in the Classroom

As we all know, students get bored easily when they’re in the classrooms, especially if there are no visual aids or activities. But one activity you can try out is creating laser engraving designs with a simple and easy-to-use laser engraver from ACG Education. Here are some ideas you can use:

Front view of printed on square puzzle frame

Create Gorgeous Puzzles

Creating puzzles is one of the most popular wood laser engraving ideas you and your students can tackle. Using a thin piece of plywood, the students can create their designs. After that, the laser engraver will engrave and cut these pieces out. Use your design as a template as the laser engraver cuts them out.

After that, you get a very well-made puzzle that you can enjoy. You can also ask them to create beautiful designs, which are ideal for puzzle pieces. And see which one is the best. It can become a simple contest in your classroom.

Cut Geometric Shapes During Your Math Lessons

Math is one of the most dreaded subjects that students don’t like. However, it’s crucial, especially for students who wish to become architects or engineers in the future. So if your lesson plan is focused on geometry, it’s better to laser engrave these shapes for your students to understand the topic.

And just like puzzles, you can ask your students to look for geometric designs for laser engraving that they can put together. Of course, they need to do the correct measurement to understand how it all connects to your math lesson about geometry.

Make Simple Cutting Boards

If you have cooking lessons, you can start by teaching your students how to create their cutting boards. With wood, they will have to create a design that makes their cutting board unique. They can also create these as a gift for themselves or their moms.

It’s worth noting to use tape to protect the areas you don’t want your students to engrave and then just dust the debris off accidentally. Make sure to choose lighter-colored wood for a well-defined result.

Learn About History By Cutting Out Shapes from the Past

In some countries, such as China, shadow puppet shows were popular theater forms that many people enjoyed. And if your current subject is shadow puppets, you and your students can laser engrave characters you can use for the show.

After that, you can work on the choreography and the story that will showcase what made it a hit in China. Remember, it’s accompanied by singing and dancing. So it’s best to prepare for it beforehand, and you can turn it into an event in your school that parents can attend.

Create Special Pieces of Jewelry

Your students who love to create something extraordinary that they can wear are another reason why you should consider laser engraving in your school. For instance, they can laser-cut different pieces of jewelry from acrylic or metal.

Therefore, they can make cute necklace pendants, earrings, and everything they want to try that is wearable. Of course, you will need to supervise them during these instances to prevent accidents or mishaps from happening.

Laser Cut Costumes During Plays

Instead of making a tree costume that can easily break, why don’t you try laser cutting each part and attaching it to one another for layers and added appeal? Your students can design their costumes for the show with a laser engraver. With this, you can get exceptional results without any trouble at all.

You can use it during events where your students must act as a particular character from your lesson, especially in English subjects. It allows your students to dress the part. Therefore, they’re inspired while they act out during the play.

brown letters on table

Simple Decorations in Your Classroom

You will want your students to feel the spirit during special occasions or events by adding some decor to your classrooms or the entire school. And with the help of a laser engraver, you can create simple but fantastic decorations that will make your school pop.

For instance, during the Christmas Holidays, engraving some snow or even Santa Claus that you can attach to your walls is best. Another occasion is Halloween, where you and your students can brainstorm what kind of designs are ideal for laser engraving that you can also put around your classroom for that Halloween spirit.

Bookmarks for Book Lovers

Students who love books will get the hang of creating bookmarks through laser engraving. You can use a thin piece of wood or a sturdy material. Your students can create a design that will tell more about themselves as book lovers. Some materials to use are as follows:

  • A thing plywood
  • Bamboo wood
  • Thick transparent plastic

You can also opt for bamboo wood for these bookmarks because they’re durable. Bookmarks are an everyday item that students use, so it’s best to add this to your list of projects to make using a laser engraver.

Opt for a Laser Engraver that Works with Your Curriculum with the Help of AGC Education

AGC Education offers some of the best school supplies that support educators and teachers to provide their students with the best education. One of these is laser engravers, which are a need in every school for an unforgettable and more technology-centered learning experience.

AGC Education provides laser engravers that work with your curriculum without any hassle. With the variety of materials it can work with, you and your students will surely enjoy it. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Or you can also email us at [email protected]!