5 Glass Sublimation Tumbler Ideas for Christmas

Glass sublimation tumblers can be a unique and thoughtful gift idea for Christmas. With so many customizable designs available, you can create a personalized tumbler for each of your loved ones. From festive holiday designs to personalized name prints and themed designs, there are endless possibilities. 

These tumblers are not only a great way to show your loved ones that you care, but they are also a practical gift that they can use all year round. So why not spread some holiday cheer this season with a customized glass sublimation tumbler?

Create a completely custom design in your favorite digital art software or purchase a ready-made design from an online craft store. Once you pick your designs, start crafting! Here are a few glass sublimation tumbler ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

1. Festive Snowman

Create a cute snowman design with a carrot nose, black hat, and red scarf on a white tumbler for a festive holiday look. Or, start with a clear glass tumbler. Start with an unfilled red, green, silver, or gold circle and position the festive snowman in the middle. 

You could even add a splash of holiday cheer by creating a festive wreath teeming with ornaments, including a little snowman. Or, use your wreath to draw the eye to an adorable snowman nestled in the middle, almost like a window peeking into a winter wonderland.  

2. Merry & Bright

Add the phrase “Merry & Bright” in a fun font and surround it with colorful holiday lights or ornaments for a cheerful design. Or, add an old-fashioned or cartoon-style Santa to spice up the mix, letting his cheery, smiling face add warmth to the design. 

Add a splash of contrast with gold or silver metallic flecks or snowflakes meandering down the glass. 

3. Winter Wonderland

If you enjoy the holidays but want to steer clear of a Christmas-themed glass, consider our winter wonderland glass tumbler idea. 

Create a beautiful winter scene with snowflakes, trees, and a cozy cabin on a light blue or white tumbler for a serene winter wonderland look. Or situate a dimly lit cabin, illuminated only by Edison lights strung across the front porch, in the middle of a deep blue circle to create a focal point. 

You could even skip the cabin idea altogether and focus on the beauty of the snowy mountains, highlighting the craggy peaks in the background with snowy trees flanking the foreground. Situate an icy lake in the middle, and let a few snowflakes fall softly. 

4. Naughty or Nice

Add the phrase “Naughty or Nice” in a playful font and surround it with cute holiday icons like candy canes or mistletoe. Spice up the design with gold elements, like outlined letters or icons. Add a splash of contrast by starting with a solid white or red tumbler and incorporating a white ornament to help your designs pop.

5. Ho Ho Ho

Create a fun and festive design with the classic “Ho Ho Ho” phrase in bold red and green colors, surrounded by holiday designs like presents or snowflakes. If you prefer to stick with a white and blue theme, set the saying across a brushstroke of wintery blue and outline the white letters in a silvery finish. 

6. Name Prints

Adding names to the tumblers is a great way to keep track of which one belongs to each person. Tinker with different fonts and colors to find a beautiful combination that matches your and your loved ones’ aesthetics. Whether you prefer a metallic sheen of silver-lined text or bright pops of blue, red, or green, name prints are versatile enough to match anyone’s preferences. 

7. Themed Designs

If you’re gifting glass tumblers to your family and friends, you don’t necessarily have to stick with a Christmas theme. While the Christmas theme can be a great way to inspire holiday spirit, you can branch out and incorporate other fun themes. 

For example, suppose your friend loves baseball. Create a fun design with baseball bats, baseballs, and mitts. Add splashes of their favorite colors to spice things up, or tie in the logos of your friend’s favorite baseball team.  

Or, if your mom enjoys gardening, add an adorable cartoon succulent nestled in a brightly colored pot. Add a brushstroke of blue across the backdrop to add a splash of color. Or, you could even incorporate a Christmas theme alongside the gardening focus by adding Christmas lights to a little potted tree. It’s up to you!

Create Holiday Magic With AGC Education

If you’re ready to spread a festive splash of holiday cheer, sublimation glass tumblers can be the perfect way to do it! At ACG Education, we have everything you’ll need to get started, from the sublimation printer to the adorable glass tumblers, complete with no-leak bamboo lids and plastic straws. The tumblers feature frosted gradients in various colors, including festive hues like red, green, and blue. 

Whether you’re ready to start from scratch on a blank tumbler or add holiday magic to a frosted gradient tumbler with sublimation, we can help! Learn more about our sublimation printers today!