10 Cool School Signage Ideas

Plain, undecorated schools can be dull and uninspiring. Well-designed custom signage can change that, transforming a dull and uninteresting school into a brighter, more inviting learning environment. Your custom creations can brighten classrooms, entrances, and hallways, making your school more engaging and welcoming for students, staff, and visitors. 

Classroom Signage

Classrooms can be drab and boring, but they don’t have to be. You can incorporate all sorts of fun signage to spice up the space, adding character and personality that makes it feel more welcoming. 

1. Educational Posters

    Make the not-so-interesting lessons more engaging with educational posters. You could make posters for historical timelines, language charts, times tables, scientific diagrams, and more. 

    They can help reinforce learning concepts and keep your students engaged, giving them something interesting to look at while you teach the lesson. Incorporate bright colors and intriguing visuals to keep things interesting. 

    2. Inspirational Quotes

      Inspirational quotes are a staple decoration piece in most schools. They motivate and inspire students to keep striving toward new goals. So, if your classroom is looking a bit drab, add a splash of inspiration with a few of your favorite quotes. 

      Print them out on posters or as vinyl cut-outs. For added bonus points, switch between a few of your favorite inspirational quotes throughout the school year to keep things fresh. For extra added bonus points, coordinate your inspirational quote changes with your lesson plans. 

      3. Interactive Boards

        Give your students a better idea of what to expect with an interactive board. You could choose a dry-erase or chalkboard surface for easy updates or a bulletin board to swap out printed elements. You could also attach a smaller dry-erase or chalkboard to a larger bulletin board for the best of both worlds.

        Make the board more interesting by adding fun elements, like cartoon depictions of animals, books, or school supplies. Stay up-to-date on seasonal decor by swapping elements for each season, such as fun wreaths for Christmas, painted eggs for Easter, or spooky ghosts for Halloween. 

        On the chalkboard or dry-erase portion, add new things each day, such as a question of the day, classroom jobs, or the day’s learning objective. 

        4. Student Work Displays

          Celebrate your students’ achievements by displaying their work on a designated board, like a bulletin board. You could let them display their art projects, essays, and even science experiments (if they’re displayable). 

          You could even create a dedicated “Wall of Fame” for outstanding work. The work could rotate weekly, monthly, or even yearly, giving students something to work toward. It can be a fun way to encourage hard work and inspire creativity among your students. 

          Hallway Signage

          The hallways can be a neglected place in schools, often left bare and overlooked. Spicing them up doesn’t have to be hard. A few well-placed, brightly colored, and well-designed signs can go a long way in making the space feel more inviting. 

          5. Directional Signs

            Navigating a large school can be daunting for students, especially if they’re new to the school. So, make it easier for them by adding directional signs to help them navigate the school. Put clear signs with arrows pointing toward key areas, such as the library, auditorium, gym, or cafeteria. Bonus points: Use school colors for each sign. 

            6. Themed Hallway Displays

              Create a fun and immersive environment for students by adding themed hallway displays. Choose a theme for each hallway, changing it out periodically to keep things interesting. 

              If you teach elementary students, you could let each grade vote on a theme, such as storybook characters or seasons, for each main hallway. Or, if you teach high school students, you could let each grade’s art class create custom signage to represent the class. 

              Seasonal themes, historical periods, and book characters are a few options that can spice up the space, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Let your students get creative and choose themes that they want and love (within reason, of course).

              7. Bulletin Boards

                While less interesting than themed hallway signs, bulletin boards are another way to add to a school hallway. They’re the perfect place to share important information and announcements about upcoming events, school news, and student achievements. 

                If you’d like, you could add interactive elements, like Q&A sections or polls. 

                9. Motivational Murals

                  Motivational quotes aren’t just for classrooms—add them to the hallways, too! Print them on oversized posters, cut each word out of vinyl letters, or make collages with smaller elements—there are so many creative ways to incorporate these murals. 

                  Choose bright colors to add visual intrigue to the space, incorporating voted-in inspirational messages into murals on the various open walls of the school. 

                  You can get creative with how you integrate each motivational mural. For example, let’s say you teach high school students. If your school is open to it, you could let the art class from each senior class paint a mural on a designated wall, letting them help design and create the final product. 

                  School Entrance Signage

                  Another great place to add signage is the entrance of a school. It can serve a dual purpose, adding a touch of visual intrigue and informing visitors, students, and staff alike. 

                  Welcome Signs

                    Welcome signs are a must at any school entrance. They help create a welcoming atmosphere for students, staff, and visitors, conveying warmth and hospitality to each person. Use your signage tools to create fun welcome signs, each featuring friendly fonts and vibrant colors to add a welcoming note. 

                    If you’d like, you can change the welcome signs by season or school year. You could even let a group of students (think art class) design and create the welcome sign for each year!

                    10. Upcoming Event Posters

                      Advertise upcoming events, such as dances, plays, or fundraisers, with posters at the school entrance. Let the event organizers design and create welcoming posters that inform and encourage attendance. Choose eye-catching colors and put essential information in bold font to make it clearly visible. 

                      Tools to Make Your Own Signs at School

                      If you’re ready to start crafting your own signs at school, you’ll need a few things before you can get started. Your must-haves list should include:

                      Design Software

                      If you’re creating your own custom signs, you’ll need to have some sort of design software. There are many options out there, including Canva and Adobe Spark, each with something different to offer. With this software, you can use design elements and templates to create customized but professional-looking signs. 

                      Printing Tools

                      Sending each of your creations to a print shop can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re printing a considerable amount of posters and pieces for a school. Tools like high-quality printers, poster printers, vinyl cutters, and laminators can bring professional-grade printing capabilities to your school, saving you money in the long run.

                      Craft Supplies

                      While printing tools are a must, you won’t get far without craft supplies on which to print your designs. You’ll need various supplies, such as adhesive-backed vinyl, poster paper, and ink cartridges, to get started with your creations.

                      These supplies can help you transform your school’s classrooms, hallways, and entrances, morphing it from a dull and boring space to a bright and engaging environment. Whether you infuse creativity by letting your students craft the signage or add your own flair by designing it yourself, custom signage can be a great way to inspire students to learn, create a sense of belonging, and foster a positive educational experience. 

                      18 Vinyl Cutter Projects for Your Classroom

                      Vinyl cutters are versatile tools that can bring creativity and fun into the classroom. They’re the perfect tool to inspire your students’ imagination, whether they’re in elementary or high school. You can use these cutters to craft everything from functional pieces, like labels for boxes, shelves, and cubbies, to custom gifts students can bring home during the holidays, like ornaments or personalized bookmarks. 

                      Of course, not all projects are suitable for every age group. So, we’ve divided these 18 vinyl cutter projects into elementary, middle, and high school projects. 

                      Elementary School Projects

                      Vinyl cutters are an excellent tool for various elementary school projects, including:

                      1. Name tags: Have your students pick from a select range of designs, create a personalized name tag, and then cut it out for their desks or cubbies. This can be a fun way to let them customize their desks or cubbies. 
                      2. Stickers: Elementary school kids often love stickers, so this can be an excellent project for your students. Let them choose from simple shapes and designs they may like. The stickers you cut out can be great treats for a job well done, whether it’s a finished book or a high score on a test. 
                      3. Bookmarks: Reading can seem like a drag for elementary-age students, but bookmarks can be a good motivator. Create decorative vinyl bookmarks with your students’ favorite characters or designs and use them to motivate your students to read (e.g. “Tell me how far your character jumped in your book after reading!)
                      4. Labels: Keep things organized with custom labels for bins, drawers, and shelves. Elementary classrooms can get chaotic, but having a labeled place for everything can help. 
                      5. Holiday decorations: When the holidays roll around, use your vinyl cutter to help your students create seasonal decorations, such as pumpkins, ornaments, snowflakes, or hearts. You could send the decorations home with the kids as ornaments for their trees or use them in the classroom as decor for windows or bulletin boards. 

                      Middle School Projects

                      If you’re a middle school teacher, many of the same projects can still be a fun option. Of course, since the kids are a bit older, they can handle more advanced projects. Here are a few entertaining vinyl cutter ideas for your middle school students:

                      1. Apron or tote designs: If you’re a home economics or sewing teacher, heat transfer vinyl and a vinyl cutter can be tools in a fun project. Have your kiddos sew tote bags, aprons, or something else with a simple pattern. Let the kids choose a design, then cut it out on heat transfer vinyl to attach to the project. 
                      2. Cup decals: Use adhesive vinyl to create cup decals for your kiddos. This can be a great gift idea for holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. You could also use it as motivation for certain tasks (e.g., finish a book, get a book sticker for your water bottle).  
                      3. Classroom rules posters: Create and cut out a visually engaging and appealing poster detailing your classroom rules. You could even use the cutter to create posters with inspirational quotes, seating charts, or lesson schedules for the week. 
                      4. Garden labels: Growing projects are an engaging way to teach kids about the workings of plant mechanisms, such as germination or photosynthesis. If you plan to have your kiddos grow something as part of a lesson, you could use your vinyl cutter to create garden labels for each student. 

                      High School Projects

                      Vinyl cutters can also be a handy tool for high schoolers, although the simpler projects are usually too boring for their attention spans. Here are a few age-appropriate vinyl project ideas for high school students:

                      1. Layered art: If you’re an art teacher, the vinyl cutter can be a helpful tool in creating interesting mixed media or multi-layered art pieces. Let your students get creative, channeling their inner artists to craft a piece that reflects their personality. 
                      2. Wall decals: Create inspirational or educational posters for the walls, each featuring your favorite inspirational quotes or entertaining educational graphics. You could even teach your students to use the cutter and assign them to create a decal with their favorite quote (this can be a great option for graduating seniors to leave their mark). 
                      3. Decorations for events: Vinyl cutters can be a helpful tool in event preparation. Let your students use the cutter to create various decorations for school events, such as dances, science fairs, plays, or art shows. 
                      4. Coding and design: If your school has access to design software, a vinyl cutter can perfectly complement it. Have your students create code-generated patterns for vinyl cutting, integrating the latest lesson, holiday, or event into the mix for an intriguing element. 

                      Inspire Creativity in Your Classroom With a Vinyl Cutter 

                      Whether you need to create a handful of labels to keep your students’ items organized or fun decorations to spur holiday cheer, a vinyl cutter can help you do it all. They’re incredibly versatile tools that help you craft custom items for your classroom, whether you teach kindergarten or high school seniors. 

                      If you’re ready to start crafting and cutting out unique designs for your classroom, our team at AGC Education can help. Our Cut-Out Studio is designed for ease of use with various printing mediums, from construction paper to vinyl. We even offer a range of supplies to help you get started! Contact us today to learn more about this helpful system. 

                      7 Uses for Vinyl Cutters

                      Vinyl cutters make precise cuts that offer a cleaner, crisper look on various vinyl projects. They do far better than scissors, making exact cuts as directed by a digital design file. They’re handy for a range of purposes, whether you’re creating a custom gift for your friend’s birthday or DIY posters for your classroom. Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast, a small business owner, or an educator, vinyl cutters offer endless possibilities for creativity and practical applications. 

                      What Are Vinyl Cutters?

                      Vinyl cutters are machines that cut vinyl sheets into precise shapes, patterns, and designs. They use a sharp blade to trace and slice along predetermined paths, following the precise measurements of digital design files. The result is a crisp, clean cut that can be used for various applications, from crafting and home decor to business signage and educational tools. 

                      What Are Vinyl Cutters Used For?

                      Vinyl cutters are incredibly versatile machines with many uses for varying purposes and in numerous industries. Some of the most common uses for vinyl cutters include:

                      1. 1. Custom Apparel and Accessories

                      The creation of custom apparel is one of the most popular uses of vinyl cutters. You can use adhesive or heat-transfer vinyl as a base for your designs, using the cutter to slice intricate patterns, logos, or text to the base. 

                      Then, depending on what type of vinyl you use, you’ll use an iron or peel off the backing to attach the vinyl to the desired object. This option is particularly popular for creating customized:

                      • T-shirts
                      • Tote bags
                      • Aprons
                      • Event merchandise
                      • Branded apparel
                      1. 2. Home Decor

                      A vinyl cutter can also help you craft beautiful decor items to complete your home. The sky is your limit. You can create everything from wall decals featuring custom artwork, inspirational quotes, or patterns to seasonal decorations. 

                      It can even help you create crafts with your kids—you can let them pick adorable designs and ornament prints for various holidays or to celebrate different seasons. For example, you could create spooky silhouettes for Halloween windows or festive holiday ornaments to hang on the tree. 

                      1. 3. Personalized Gifts and Crafts

                      Aside from custom apparel, such as aprons, t-shirts, and tote bags, you can use your vinyl cutter to create various personalized gifts and crafts. Whether you’re crafting for a birthday, wedding, or special holiday (think Mother’s and Father’s Day), there are all sorts of things you can create:

                      • Custom mugs and tumblers featuring funny sayings or photos
                      • Photo frames enhanced with decorative elements, names, or dates
                      • Greeting cards featuring your own personal flair
                      1. 4. Educational Tools

                      In the classroom, vinyl cutters serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re creating crafts to send home with your students, labels for organizational purposes, or interactive learning aids, vinyl cutters can help. Here are a few ways to use your vinyl cutter in the classroom:

                      • Interactive learning aids: Create customized visual aids for the latest lesson you’re teaching, whether you need a scientific diagram, geometric shapes for math, or maps for geography. 
                      • Organization: Design and cut customized labels to streamline organization in your classroom, whether it be labeling your students’ cubbies or marking where each type of toy is supposed to live. 
                      • Student projects: Vinyl cutters can be a helpful tool regardless of what grade you teach. Create custom bookmarks, stickers, project displays, event decorations, and gifts for your students to take home. Depending on their age, they might even be able to help you!
                      1. 5. Business Branding and Marketing

                      If you run a small business, a vinyl cutter can help you create branded materials in-house. This eliminates the need for expensive outsourcing to create custom signage, graphics, and promotional items. 

                      Create custom keychains, pens, car decals, and eye-catching signs to prop on your window sills. There are plenty of options—your imagination is the limit!

                      1. 6. Crafting and Scrapbooking

                      Vinyl cutters are a familiar favorite among crafters and scrapbookers. They can help you cut detailed shapes and letters, dramatically improving the finished product and creating a crisp, neat result. 

                      Use your vinyl cutter to create intricate cards for any occasion, such as a friend’s birthday or your sister’s wedding. Create custom embellishments to enhance the stories you tell on your scrapbook pages, bringing them to life with little stickers, titles, and frames. 

                      You can even use your vinyl cutter for various home crafts, such as DIY ornaments or custom pillowcases. For example, perhaps you have a design idea for a seasonal pillowcase but can’t find what you’re looking for in a ready-made pillow. In this case, you could design and print the design on heat-transfer vinyl, use your vinyl cutter to precisely cut the design, and iron it onto your pillowcase of choice. 

                      1. 7. DIY Projects and Repairs

                      Beyond crafts and decoration, vinyl cutters serve a practical purpose in various DIY projects and select repairs. For example, you could use your vinyl cutter to create a unique stencil for painted wallpaper. Or, you might cut custom labels for your toolboxes, kitchen jars, and storage containers. 

                      If you get the right type of vinyl, you could even use the cutter to slice vinyl patches to repair items like inflatable toys. 

                      Unleash Your Creativity With a Vinyl Cutter From AGC Education

                      Whether you’re a crafter or a teacher, a vinyl cutter can be a great addition to your arsenal of tools. Their ability to produce clean and precise cuts makes them indispensable for crafting, decorating, teaching, and branding. With remarkable versatility and wide-ranging applications, vinyl cutters are the perfect addition to your crafting toolkit. 

                      If you’re ready to elevate your craft and organization game with a vinyl cutter, talk to our team at AGC Education. We offer a Cut-Out Studio designed for streamlined creation, plus an assortment of cutter supplies to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more. 

                      The Best Sublimation Printer for T-Shirts

                      Are you looking to make custom shirts with your personal designs and colors? To get professional-looking results, you’ll likely need the best sublimation printer for t-shirts. 

                      Below, we’ll examine some key factors when considering sublimation printers. Depending on your specific project and whether you want to make other custom items like mugs, bags, hats, or something else, you’ll also need different items and accessories. 

                      In other words, we’ll help you find the sublimation printer you are looking for and show you how to start your printing setup. 

                      How Does a Sublimation Printer Work? 

                      A sublimation printing machine uses a special type of ink that prints onto sublimation paper. Then, the ink is transferred from the paper to the item (in this case, fabric for t-shirts) with a heat press

                      Here are the steps of how it works: 

                      1. Print your design onto the special sublimation paper. 
                      2. The paper is placed onto the item (in this case, t-shirt) and heated with a heat press.
                      3. The item absorbs the ink from the paper.
                      4. The design is successfully transferred from the paper to the item. 

                      This process works well and creates some colorful, striking designs that don’t fade over time. 

                      Finding the Best Sublimation Printer for T-Shirts

                      When looking for the best sublimation printer for T-shirts, consider several things. Size, versatility, cost, design, ink type, maintenance, kits, warranty, and ease of use all come into play. Let’s break down what to consider with these critical points: 

                      • Size: What size of designs will you be printing? You’ll need a printer that supports printing that size on t-shirt material. 
                      • Cost: The price of sublimation printers can vary greatly, so to determine value, determine what you will be using the machine for, how long you intend to use it, and your overall budget. 
                      • Ease of Use: Is the printer easy to set up and use? Can you learn quickly and do it yourself? Does it require any other technology? 
                      • Versatility: Are you printing only t-shirts, or will you use it for posters, mugs, hats, or something else in the future? 
                      • Kits & Bundles: Often, you can find a printer with start-up supplies or other materials needed for a convenient and quick start. 
                      • Warranty: Is there a warranty? How long does it last? How are complications, repairs, and maintenance handled if you find yourself in those situations? 
                      • Support & Training: Are there classes or tutorials to teach you how to start with the sublimation printer, make different designs/items, learn various skills, and get the most out of your machine? 

                      What is the Best Sublimation Printer for T-shirts? 

                      The Sublimation Station is an excellent printing machine for T-shirts. This all-in-one sublimation printer lets you quickly create custom designs for t-shirts, mugs, posters, bags, and other items. 

                      This sublimation printing machine provides a smooth finish for custom t-shirts and has enough versatility to become your go-to tool for all your custom printing needs. 

                      **PRODUCT IMAGE HERE**

                      It’s great for adding a personalized touch to your school stores, fundraisers, or other projects. The possibilities are endless! 

                      Here are some features that set the Sublimation Station apart: 

                      • Full design software for unlimited creativity.
                      • Approachable, user-friendly interface.
                      • Bulk ink system for continuous, uninterrupted printing. 
                      • Starter sublimation product kit with mugs, masks, and puzzles for practice.
                      • Full support and training to get you started with confidence. 

                      Sublimation Printer Supplies for T-Shirts

                      To make sure you have everything you need to get started creating t-shirts with a sublimation printer, here’s a handy checklist of essential supplies: 

                      • Ink: Make sure the printer has plenty of ink, and estimate how much you will need for the project. 
                      • Sublimation Paper: You’ll need the right type (and amount) of sublimation paper that works with your machine. 
                      • Blank T-Shirts: Choose the right type, size, and color of t-shirts for a smooth application. The AGC store carries a variety of shirts that work well with sublimation printing machines – available in youth and adult sizes.
                      • Other supplies: Consider if other items would also be fun to design. This could be bags, mugs, cups, keychains, trophies, plaques, or other accessories. The possibilities are seemingly endless! 

                      What T-Shirts Should You Use With A Sublimation Printer? 

                      The ink used in the Sublimation Station transfers best onto 100% Polyester or a 50/50 fabric blend. Our sublimation supplies category has several examples of t-shirts that work well with a sublimation printer. The shirts come in different base colors and sizes (adult and youth). 

                      Is it Difficult to Use The Sublimation Printer?

                      The Sublimation Station has an easy-to-use interface, with a starter kit and implementation training. You’ll want to follow the training (which comes with the machine at no extra cost) and test out a few samples to get the hang of it, but it’s pretty intuitive after that! 

                      Also, AGC offers lifetime technical support. Over 90% of issues can be solved over the phone at no extra cost, but AGC provides on-site options if necessary.