6 School T-shirt Fundraiser Ideas for Your Classroom 

Fundraising is an integral activity that helps ensure schools have the necessary funds and resources to provide quality education. While these fundraisers have morphed into various creative shapes, T-shirt fundraisers for schools have long been an effective way to raise funds while spurring school spirit. 

They generate revenue while inspiring a sense of community among students and friendly competition through design contests. But to promote the success of your T-shirt fundraiser, you’ll need to have a plan. Here are six fun ideas for your T-shirt fundraiser. 

T-shirt Fundraiser Ideas

School T-shirt fundraisers can take various shapes, from raffling off baskets to hosting a design contest. Get creative with your ideas and develop a fundraiser that reflects your school’s spirit and interests. Here are a few ideas to get the creative ideas flowing:

Raffle Off Baskets

Raffle baskets can be an exciting way to raise funds for a T-shirt fundraiser. Fill a basket with items your students might want or need, from school supplies to gift cards to local restaurants. Throw in a few branded tees and other merch items boasting your school’s logo. 

Once you create the basket, announce the raffle to your students. You could do this over the intercom as part of morning announcements, in an assembly, or by walking to each classroom to show off the goodies inside. Set a date for drawing a winner, and remind the students and parents to purchase tickets throughout the weeks leading up to the drawing. 

Sell the Tees at School Events

School events, including football games, gymnastics, and similar gatherings, are excellent places to market your T-shirts. Advertise the tees, showcasing the opportunity to show school spirit to attending students, family, and friends.

Sell the tees wherever works best. If you have a snack stand or ticketing gate, offer the tees there. Provide ample opportunities for participants and viewers to take part in the fundraiser. 

Promote T-shirts Through Social Media

Advertise the fundraiser on social media – it’s a powerful tool! If your school has social media pages on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, talk about the fundraiser there. Discuss what the fundraiser is for, how to enter, and what you’re selling. Remember to showcase photos of the tees you’re selling!

Create Themed T-shirts

T-shirt fundraisers for schools don’t need to be restricted to school-branded merchandise. While tees featuring your school’s logo are an excellent addition to any T-shirt fundraiser, get creative with other options!

Create customized tees with seasonal designs for various holidays or spirit week. Think outside the box and let your students toss in design ideas to ensure the final product is something they would enjoy wearing.

Host a T-shirt Design Contest

This idea ties into the previous themed T-shirt creation idea. Let your students create tees they want to wear and would actually buy through a T-shirt design contest. Outline rules and deadlines, then let your students take the reins. 

The project could be part of a class, like an art or digital design class, or it could be an at-home optional project. It’s up to you and what you think would work best for your students!

Offer Incentives for Top Sellers

Inspire healthy, lively competition and drive sales by offering incentives to top sellers. This is a great way to increase revenue in your fundraiser if your students or faculty are selling the tees for you. 

Develop a few prizes for top sellers based on who is selling. If the students are selling, select prizes that they would like. If your faculty members are selling, choose the prizes based on them. Or, if both are selling, you could have a few options for each. Choose between a single grand prize or a few tiered prizes for first, second, and third place. 

Remember to announce the incentives to inspire sales and remind students that it’s a fun competition!

Create Your Own T-shirts with AGC Education

Printing your own T-shirts can be an excellent way to maximize profits from your fundraiser. By printing the tees at school, you can save money that would’ve otherwise been spent on hiring a company to do it for you. 

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