100mL Sublimation Station Ink Bottle


AGC sublimation ink is specifically designed for our Sublimation Station sublimation printer, though it can be used in other sublimation printers.

Transfer temperature for this ink is 180-200 degrees and transfer time is 25-50 seconds.

This ink is specially designed to produce a high-quality transfer effect, to have high-quality fine particles, and outstanding color. It will easily adhere and produce the desired effect on mugs, glass, cloth/fabric, metal, plastic, and much more.

NOTE: To use this ink, you must have the printer ink refill kit. For normal hobby use, 100ml of sublimation ink will last roughly 6 months.

Available in black, yellow, magenta, and cyan, this ink can be used in both 4-color and 5-color sublimation printers. Please choose the correct color before checking out.

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Ink to be used with the AGC Education Sublimation Station, featuring a good transfer effect, high-quality fine particles, outstanding color, and high transfer rate.

  • Suitable for mug/plate/cloth/glass/metal/flag/shoe and so on.
  • Transfer temperature:180-200 degrees.
  • Transfer time:25-40 seconds