Poster Artist Premium Poster and Banner Design Software


Simplify your poster, banner, and signage creation process using PosterArtist, software specifically designed to help you create professional prints in four easy steps.

PosterArtist is template based, which means the difficult initial steps of plotting out the spacing of your poster are already done for you, saving you time and creating a better final product.

Developed by Canon, this  cloud-based software works with any operating system, but you must have a Canon printer, such as those included in our Educator Plus Packages.

As part of the software package, you will also receive:

  • 200+ professional design templates
  • Over 1 GB (~1500 images) of royalty-free clip art
  • Auto Design feature that generates designs for you that you can choose and customize
  • Photo uploading to incorporate your own images into your poster
  • Variable printing to accommodate different sizes.
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Poster Artist Premium software, used with Canon poster printers to create crisp and colorful posters or banners.