17oz Sublimation BLANK Slim Glass Tumbler w/ Frosted & Orange Gradient


Introducing the epitome of sophistication – our high-quality Glass Tumbler that surpasses all expectations. With its sleek design and thoughtful features, it’s the ultimate choice for discerning individuals. The tumbler comes complete with a bamboo lid and a reusable plastic straw, ensuring a sustainable and stylish sipping experience.

A true visual delight, the tumbler showcases a frosted top elegantly transitioning into a captivating Orange gradient bottom, adding a vibrant touch to every sip. What’s more, the entire tumbler surface can be customized using your sublimation design and heat press, allowing you to create a personalized masterpiece that reflects your unique taste.

Say goodbye to spills with the no-leak bamboo lid and enjoy the convenience of the plastic straw. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift, our Frosted Tumbler with an Orange gradient bottom elevates every beverage moment. Make a statement with your drinkware and embrace style in every sip.

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